Free wifi in Bendigo

This post has been updated click here!

Sadly, there is only one place, apart from the library with free wifi in Bendigo. Luckily that place is Cafe Thirty8 in King Street (opposite Target).

Cafe Thirty8 make quite a good coffee (Veneziano) and also offer lots of home-made goodies such as pumpkin soup, sausage rolls, chow mein, lasagne, zucchini slice, quiche, baked potatoes and gourmet pies.

Helpful service too.


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3 Responses to Free wifi in Bendigo

  1. Rob Imberger says:

    thanks for the tip!

    there’s one more (kind of) free wifi place: Beechworth Bakery (158 High St) will hand over 30mins of access with any purchase.

    Great for pre-business day access (they open at the yawningly early hour of 6am!)

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