Show your civic pride and love for Bendigo and get yourself a I ❤ Bendigo sticker!

I love Bendigo sticker

For a gold coin donation, you can pick up a sticker from:

As per the vote in June (see below), all proceeds this year will go to Hiphopportunities for Youth. Read more about this great program for Bendigo youth here.

We found it hard to select a charity ourselves, so the vote was called:

Poll closed on 30 June 2012. We look forward to seeing more stickers around town.

A big thanks also to Hudsons Hub (formerly of Mitchell Street) for selling stickers for us. Love you guys.


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The unofficial guide to Bendigo and Central Victoria.
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3 Responses to Stickers!

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  2. helen says:

    how do we get some stickers for our cafe ??

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