Vegetarian Pub Food in Bendigo

It was a struggle to find decent vegetarian pub food when we first moved to Bendigo. It gets a bit boring with the same old, same old, options such as vegetarian risotto (every vego knows how to cook this at home, usually better too), or a ho-hum vegetable stack as the only option for entrée AND main – ridiculous! Seriously, we can stack our own vegetables at home.

We’re so glad to have since found a few better options, and some reasons to actually leave the house to eat at the pub…

Breaking News! We hear that the Axedale Tavern (105 High Street, Axedale) has eggplant parmigiana and stuffed zucchini flowers… it’s next on the list…

The Goldmines Hotel 49-57 Marong Road 5442 2453
They have got it going on at the beautiful Goldmines Hotel. Big hearty servings, with a few vegetarian, and vegan offerings. Depending how busy, they can also make you something special to suit your diet.
Open Thursday to Sunday for lunch and dinner.

Brougham Arms 150 Williamson Street 5442 3555
When we last visited ‘The Broughie’, the vegetarian special had finished – at 6pm – before dinner service had started! Luckily, the lovely chef whipped up something special for us. The Brougham Arms also has a separate vegetarian menu, including gluten-free and kiddie options.

Camp Hotel 35 High Street, Eaglehawk 5446 8888
Tuesday night is Parma night at the Camp Hotel – with 10 varieties to choose from, they even have a vegetarian (eggplant) parmagiana! Bookings are essential, apparently. We’ve yet to check it out… if you have please let us know what you think.
Update: We’ve been advised that also on the menu is minestrone soup, stuffed mushrooms, eggplant parmas, vegetarian Thai green curry, risotto, spinach & ricotta lasagne, and a vegie pasta option. We’re definitely off to The Camp Hotel for our next pub visit.

Pratty’s Patch 35 Monsants Road, Maiden Gully 5449 6341
Pratty’s Patch offer three vegie options – we’d say they’re a little better than the average, so we’re including them on the list. Nice ambience and a decent list of local reds too.

Mt Edgecombe Hotel 79 Olinda Street, Quarry Hill 5443 3044
This used to be a shining light, but I haven’t heard too many good things lately – we’d like to update this with a better review… soon, hopefully.

Hibernian Hotel 365 High Street, Golden Square 5444 3804
This pub has been completed refurbished – including the menu. Four options to choose from the last time we visited – eggplant parmigiana, gnocchi (a bit claggy), and a ‘vegetarian’ mushroom and bacon risotto (?). Unfortunately no vegie options on the kids menu 😦

If you have any recommendations for decent vegetarian pub food, please comment below or send them to us at iheartbendigo (at)


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8 Responses to Vegetarian Pub Food in Bendigo

  1. Would love to see some of the veg options you’ve tried at pubs, as this seems to be my biggest struggle! I clicked on the Pratty’s Patch menu, but they have a “V” next to some very non-veg sounding items, so I’m a bit confused. Might have to pop in there and ask them some questions, as I’ve heard good things from meat-eating co-workers 🙂

  2. Ben says:

    The Brian Boru has recently added a pumpkin, spinach and cashew risotto, that is vegetarian, and that they are happy to make vegan. Very delicious!

  3. fureverfriendsleah says:

    Please keep us informed – I am so so sick of the pumpkin version risotto, pasta or pizza. – or the old spinach and ricotta cannelloni and/or veg lasagne!! For goodness sake Bgo chefs, its not that hard….. So boring and repetitive – I am almost over going out to eat.I am also over places that say we can make things off the menu into a vegetarian meal – in my experience this rarely works – its like an afterthought with no planning or care and usually nothing more added to add taste or texture.. Not a pub but Bunja Thai is my current favourite – loads to choose from and delicious.

    • We’ve heard nothing but good stuff about Bunja Thai, and yes, we totally agree with you about the lack of vegetarian options. Also, it is with reluctance that you would want to have to ask for a special meal – please just provide an option!

  4. Kayos says:

    Hopng to move to bendigo from very uninspiring as far as veggie option’s go, south canterbury, nz. Thankyou for this as we couldnt move to another place where we struggle to eat out

    • It has improved this this was posted Kay, and there are plenty of restaurants and cafes that cater to vegans and vegetarians in the area. Don’t despair; it’s a great place to live. Come and check out the place before you make any rash decisions.

  5. Jo laing says:

    The Rifle brigade have always something tasty veggo, on the menu too, so i tend to like going back there. Otherwise, everywhere else has been average, and iv probly been to most others around.poor imagination bendy!

    • We did try The Rifle Brigade recently – they have an excellent menu and of 30 choices, I was vegetarian. When it was delivered, it had chicken in it 😦
      We will try there again.

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