Frequently asked questions about Bendigo

This list has been compiled from frequent search terms that ended up at this site… and a few others from twitter, and there’s been some new questions at Frequently Asked Questions II.

What is the distance around Lake Weeroona?
Just over 1,485 metres if you stroll along the inside path (including the boardwalk), or 1.5km if you take the outside path (around the carparks, right to traffic lights along Napier Street).

…and the distance around Kennington Reservoir?

Where can you get the best vanilla slice in Bendigo?
I love a good vanilla slice myself, but I don’t actually know. Do you? Please tell us.

Is The Good Loaf open on Sunday?
No. It’s open Monday – Friday: 7am-6pm and Saturday: 7am-3pm. You can buy loaves on Sunday from the Bendigo Corner Store Cafe (305 View Street), if there are any left.

Where can I get free wifi in Bendigo?
Funny you should ask that; here’s a post I’d written earlier.

Where on earth is Brewhouse?
Brewhouse Coffee Roasters are at 7 Eve Court, just behind Fit Republic in the back blocks of Golden Square (near Quarry Hill). Here’s a map. (Sorry Andrew) Now at 402 Hargreaves Street.

What are the Old Green Bean Opening Hours?
8am-4pm, Monday-Friday and 8am-3pm Saturday. Closed Sunday. (Thanks Marika)

Does anyone actually refer to Bendigo as Trendigo?
No, maybe one day. (Sorry Justin)

I would like to know more about the old mine sites that are around the town.
There is a computerised video of the mines at the Visitors Centre (Pall Mall).

How did Junortoun get it’s name? (Junortoun is a suburb of Bendigo)
Junor was the maiden name of the wife of the owner of Homebush Estate. The original plan to rename to Junor quashed due to similarity to Junee. Ultimately Junortoun = Scottish word for town. Name change in about 1912 due to confusion; mail was being sent to Homebush NSW. (Thanks Kevin)

Are there any playgrounds in Junortoun?
Unfortunately, no. 😥

…and 10 points for the weirdest question…
What do you think of Innes Motors?
Their service seems pretty good and efficient.

Updated March 2013


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7 Responses to Frequently asked questions about Bendigo

  1. Best vanilla slice without a doubt is Flora Hill Bakery in Retreat Road. Taste sensation & the insides threaten to ooze out but never, ever do (making for a very enjoyable vanilla slice experience!). Great blog, by the way 🙂

  2. Robyn Acciarito says:

    I’d like to contact ‘Kevin’ who gave you the info on the naming of Junortoun. I am a descendant of Mary Junor, whom the area was originally named after.
    Thank you, Robyn.

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  4. fonduefrenzy says:

    Junortoun now has a playground. Woo hoo!

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