Bendigo’s Best Restaurants

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Toted by The Age as Victoria’s coolest town, the food and wine scene in Bendigo has come along in leaps and bounds over the last few years. We boast some of the best wines in Australia, a burgeoning craft beer scene and 4 coffee roasters. We are really proud of our local produce, our community farmers’ market and our pretty impressive cafes and restaurants.

A straw poll was conducted on the I Heart Bendigo Facebook page to determine Bendigo’s best restaurants and the winners were:

Masons of Bendigo

Masons of Bendigo

Masons of Bendigo
25 Queen Street 5443 3877
The new kid on the block – a very impressive one at that. When the zucchini flowers stuffed with lamb caponata were served and tasted by a friend recently, she actually clapped and cheered. Nick & Sonia Anthony (and team) create gorgeous food with local produce.

The Woodhouse
101 Williamson Street 5443 8671
Another newcomber to the restaurant scene featuring a wood-fired grill that delivers awesome steak, pizza and other delights, including a dessert tasting plate.

The Dispensary Enoteca

The Dispensary Enoteca

The Dispensary Enoteca
Chancery Lane 5444 5885
Great service, tunes, food and a very impressive drinks list – and not necessarily in that order – all at once, actually.

Whirrakee Restaurant
17 View Point 5441 5557
Overlooking the historical Rosalind Park and View Point, Bendigo has a top class restaurant, boasting a top class experience. Enjoy.

Wine Bank on View
45 View Street 5444 4655
The best local wine list. Tick. Historical setting. Tick. Great food. Tick. Keep ticking, and imbibing – it’s a BANK of wine – what’s not to love?

Special mentions also go to:


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