Clothing Alterations – Where to go?

Here’s the places that locals recommend you go for clothing repairs and alterations:

You Tear, I Repair 5448 3858
534 Napier Street, White Hills
Andrea has received excellent service here and Amy says they are very well priced.

Griffanne 5443 2933
Upstairs (above Sussan), 324 Hargreaves Mall
The ladies here offer a 1 hour hem repair service.

Dressed by Roslyn 0407 805 877

15 Norfolk Street


If you can recommend anyone else that should be included in this list, please let us know!

A big thankyou to Tanya, Emma, Andrea, Kat, Amy, Marie, Jo, Joan, Marika, Kathleen, Helen, Cath, Melissa, Julie, Angela, & Wendy for their recommendations.

Updated July 2018 


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3 Responses to Clothing Alterations – Where to go?

  1. Max Bostic says:

    It’s good to hear from your about clothing alterations. you can also add one more destination for same which offer best alterations for clothing. For more you can visit.

  2. Amanda says:

    I would suggest dropping Griffane from the list…I went in in December and while waiting to be served, watched while a woman tried to collect two pairs of pants that she had dropped in for repair. The shorts could not be found, and Griffane staff member tried to argue that the woman’s husband (whose shorts they were) must’ve dropped them elsewhere. Customer kept explaining it was she who had dropped them in. After 15 mins she was sent away to ask hubby if he had collected them and not told her….
    I decided to give Griffane the benefit of the doubt and left 5 items for various adjustments. I was told the shop wiuld close for the month of January, and could i collect them at the end of Feb. I thought 2 months is a bit of a wait, but they werent needed urgently so said okay. When I came back in Feb staff could not find my items…then tried to give me someone else’s items (quite forcefully!) Then FINALLY found my items. And they had not yet been altered. FAIL!

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