My Bendigo: Sue Walton

Sue Walton

Sue Walton

Gym Owner/Trainer
Contours Bendigo It’s Her Gym, Bendigo

What was your first job?
Check-out chick.

Have you ever had a quirky job/task in Bendigo?  Organising fun run teams.

What book are you reading?
The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult

What’s your favourite saying?
Be Your Best.

My Bendigo

Ideal drink: Ice cold Peroni at the Rifle Brigade Hotel (top end of View Street)

Ideal meal: My husband’s venison in blackberry sauce at home.

image001Favourite view in Bendigo?  View Street, before sunrise.

Undiscovered gem in central Victoria? My gym!
(Contours Bendigo). It’s Her Gym, Bendigo

When visitors come to town, where do you take them? Rosalind Park.

Favourite Bendigo interior?
Jimmy Possum (31 View Street)

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in Bendigo? Restaurants are getting better and better.

Apart from the people, what’s the best thing about Bendigo?
Parks, gardens and sporting facilities.

Your most recent discovery? Wholesome Bean (380 Hargreaves Street)

What makes you proud of Bendigo?
How friendly people are! Every time I go for a fun or a walk, someone new says “Hello”.

Is there someone else in Bendigo we should know about? Jenny Johnston

If you know another Bendigo local we should profile, please let us know via here.

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