Bendigo, in the news…

Some great stories about Bendigo in the news recently…

Mark Coffey from Wine Bank Picture by Amanda Malone

Mark Coffey from Wine Bank
Picture by Amanda Malone

NEW! March 2015
A Foodie’s Guide to Bendigo in Gram Magazine. (I think they like us)

January 2015:
“Simply put, The Wine Bank was the harbinger that carved the way for all modern and progressive hospitality businesses in Bendigo (for which there are now many) that followed it”. Some background on The Wine Bank on View in GRAM Magazine by Tim Baxter from The Dispensary Enetoca.

November 2014:
Some nice words in the The New York Times about ‘A Cultural Escape North of Melbourne‘.

September 2014:
Why Bendigo’s exploratory music festival is worth trumpeting” by Alistair Noble in The Conversation and this one about BIFEM by our friend Ann Jones at Radio National from November 2014.

June 2014:
Tasneem Chopra‘s timely piece about her Bendigo upbringing and plans for a mosque in Bendigo “Would growing up in Bendigo have been different with a Mosque?”  from The Guardian.

Six reasons to visit Bendigo by Richard Cornish from 2013, and we’re still chuffed by his article from back in 2012: “Boomtown Bendigo finds country cool


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