Best Coffee in Bendigo

You may want to have your say here.


We are on the search for the best coffee in Bendigo.

“Who makes the best Coffee in Bendigo”?

Who can you ‘Vouch For’? If a friend or relative was visiting Bendigo, where would you send them to get the best coffee?

If there are any places that we have missed then please add them into the other field.

Share with your friends on social media and ask them the same question. Let’s see where locals and visitors go to get the best coffee.

Make sure to ‘Like’ Vouch For It on Facebook and ‘Follow’ Vouch For It on Twitter so you can stay updated with the results.

Click here to read about the objective of the Vouchforit site and remember to keep things positive. This is not a forum for negativity. If you don’t like a particular establishment then simply don’t Vouch For them.

You only get one vote so…

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