Where can you learn to swim? Swimming Schools in Bendigo

Learning to swim; it’s a rite of passage in Australia isn’t it? Probably the hardest part in Bendigo, is working out where to go. Sooo many places and so many wonderful, caring teachers. It is all subjective and you may prefer a different teaching style to others. Here are your choices:

Paul Sadler Swimland Bendigo

Paul Sadler Swimland Bendigo
Emily (teacher) Sienna (swimmer)

Paul Sadler Swimland 5443 2164
12 Vine Street
Our pick! Brilliant, dedicated teachers who guide students through the 14 levels, encompassing all abilities; from beginners who are just learning to love the water through to competent swimmers who are able to achieve amazing things like open water swims, 1km medals and their Swimland Diploma. Classes are skill-based, not age-based and they provide opportunities for children to develop life-saving survival skills and become competent swimmers in a tension free, fun and exciting environment. All swimmers receive incentives that celebrate their small successes, such as t-shirts, tattoos, certificates, medals and trophies – also unlimited catch-up classes. Front-01

Sloan Swim School 0413 462 112
28 Bell Street
Sloan Swim School provides personalised learn to swim lesson for 4month olds to adults in their warm, private indoor pool. Their experienced staff tailor lessons to suit student’s individual needs and they offer small classes of 3-4 students with the option of private 1-on-1 lessons.
Lessons focus on water familiarisation, stroke technique, fitness and water safety all in a safe, fun and engaging environment.

Harley Street Swim School 5441 1200
46 Harley Street, Strathdale
Classes ranging from infant aquatics, toddler/pre-school classes, learn to swim and private adult. They offer two catch up classes per term.

Orca Swim School 0413 462 112
Bendigo East Swimming Pool, Lansell Street
Committed to provide a high standard of swimming tuition catering for all ages and abilities, cultural backgrounds, diversity and disability. From babies to young teens, their purpose is to teach and train individuals to swim with the best water awareness and stroke techniques – for survival, endurance or fun and fitness.

St John of God 5434 3261
Lily Street
BabySwim (3 months – 3 years) provides the opportunity for both parent and baby to experience pure aquatic enjoyment while learning essential water safety skills. The classes are focused around having fun, while incorporating skill-based activities into numerous games and songs.

Aquastreams 5441 2445
Marshall Crescent, Kennington
AquaStreams is Bendigo’s newest Learn to Swim school. They have swimming programs designed for all ages and abilities and offer a free swim assessment before enrolment.

YMCA 5446 9222
Peter Krenz Leisure Centre, Napier Street, Eaglehawk
Swim classes for everyone from infants to the aged. Direct debit only, unfortunately.

Vicswim also hold summer intensive swimming lessons during January at quite a few locations in Bendigo, including Golden Square Community Pool and Bendigo East Swimming Pool. Only $25 for 5 lessons.


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  1. pj says:

    What about healthy mates in Hargreaves St?

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