Local history and collectables

Well, we’ve discovered a great way to explore the Bendigo region, get your hands on amazing pieces of local history and support local business. 

P5220146Visitors to the Bendigo region know only too well the enjoyment of hunting through antique or collectable stores trying to find great pieces. So much so that antique fairs and other collectables fairs are now common place in the region, bringing in thousands of visitors and the vital tourism dollars, but are we making the most of these great opportunities that are at our fingertips all year round?

There are many antique and collectable stores across Bendigo and Central Victoria from Castlemaine to Maldon, and Inglewood to Daylesford. Many small towns rely on these businesses to bring visitors into help the micro economy of their towns.

We set ourselves the challenge to purchase small items from antique or collectable stores in the area, to highlight the amazing long history of Bendigo and Central Victoria. This not-so-arduous task involved going for leisurely country drives to explore our vastly beautiful countryside. We are truly spoilt and it only takes a short drive out from our home to remind us of this. We stopped at these towns and either bought a coffee or lunch while walking through the towns to find their antique or collectable stores. Then with our small set budget, we hunted to find and buy small items of our local rich history.

miss maldon xHere a just a few historical things we found just waiting for us:

  1. A 1951 City of Bendigo Centenary Medal
  2. A Bendigo Anzac Day 1921 Medal
  3. A Commemorative Medal from 1920 for The Prince of Wales visit to Bendigo
  4. The 1971 ‘Miss Maldon’ badge for the Maldon Easter Charity Fair

What we have in Central Victoria is a long history (by Australian standards). It’s great personally to have just a few small pieces of Bendigo history at home and to share with family and friends. Moreover, the time spent driving across our beautiful region was worth the effort in and of itself, let alone doing our small bit to spend a few dollars to help out small local businesses.

We highly recommend you take advantage our countryside and the history at our fingertips. When you do so, please tell us and show us what you found on Twitter or Facebook to show off your local history. Happy travels!

Thanks for the submission and account of your weekend Bendigo Sommelier.


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The unofficial guide to Bendigo and Central Victoria.
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