Bendigo Burger Adventures – Part II

13879319_10154053062684039_1334303757256646287_n (1)by Paul Waldron

The quest continues to find ‘Bendigo’s best sub $10 burger’, supporting Bendigo’s vast array of independent food localities (no franchises allowed as a part of my quest).

Sunday night’s adventure led me to the Daggy Varandah. I ordered ‘the verandah’ complete with all the trimmings (iceberg lettuce, tomato, beetroot, onion, beef patty, pineapple and cheese). A larger-than-life burger, it is not for the faint-handed (yes, handed. Mouth and heart also appropriate, though). Well cooked and the epitome of fresh, in a good soft bun. What sets this burger apart is their special mayo – slightly spicy slightly sweet, like any family recipe will have eaters wondering about the secrets within.

Coming in at $9, the addition of a $2 serve of chips will require more than that blue note burning a hole in your pocket, but well worthwhile as the chips are crisp, and hot – generous with chicken salt (if like me, you’re into that), so no need to ask for extra or peer over the stainless steel countertops to see if they’re putting enough on.

The three serviettes the burger came with were well used and had me reaching for a fourth by the end of it, after already licking the fingers.

Where shall my quest take me next?


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