Local people, local products

bendigo-3Now we can all support local makers and stores in our area without having to trek from store to store and market to market, as we now have bendigomade.com.au

We all want to support local business and buy local products – this is the backbone of our local economy. Bendigo Made is an online platform to find local products, so you can purchase directly from the maker, or buy from your local store.

What is Bendigo Made? It’s an online store, it’s a directory, it’s a support network for local makers and stores that stock their products.

Graphic designer Dale Harris created the site in 2014 after trying to search for gift made locally.

“I came up with the idea for Bendigo Made after having a frustrating time trying to find the perfect gift. I wanted to support local, but with only a few local stores online it was difficult to do without some prior planning.” Dale Harris, Studio Ink

Local PR/Marketing Consultant, Bryley Savage believed the site could benefit the whole community, so came on board without a second thought.

“When working on a project together earlier this year, Dale mentioned that he had created the site. I thought it was such a terrific idea, so set to work with community engagement and helped bring the site to life.” Bryley Savage, Friendly Savage

Local firm MGR Advisory have come on board as principal sponsors of the site and to support the initiative, for which the two partners are very thankful.

“Bendigo Made presents a fantastic opportunity for local producers to showcase their products. The initiative aligns with MGR’s objective of supporting and developing our local area by promoting jobs and opportunities through the retention of service and product purchases within our local area.” James Bennett, Manager at MGR Accountants

A percentage of profit made on the site each year will be donated to local causes in the local community. In 2016/17, Bendigo Made will be supporting the Bendigo Health Foundation.


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