Reusable Coffee Cups – Bendigo

Until recently, we all thought that our takeaway coffee cups were recyclable – but thanks to Craig from the War on Waste, we found out this isn’t true! Coffee cups have a plastic lining, so they can’t be recycled in Australia, except Biocups – which can be put in your organics bin (see list below for those cafes that stock biocups).
18768264_1590111624376333_1631351350324388789_oA number of Bendigo cafes offer a discount for bringing in your CLEAN reusable cup:

$1 discount if you bring your clean reusable cup:

  • Crooked Kitchen 3/287 Lyttleton Terrace

80c discount if you bring your clean reusable cup:

  • Everbean Cafe 22 Williamson Street

50c discount if you bring your clean reusable cup:

  • The Anxious Goat 380 Hargreaves Street
  • Bendigo Foodstore 40 Strickland Road
  • Loaded Plate 521 Napier Street
  • Mother Bean Mobile Coffee Trailer in Central Victoria
  • Mr Grimsby 2/35 Wills Street
  • Old Green Bean 179 Lyttleton Terrace
  • RedWell Cafe Bendigo Library, Hargreaves Street
  • Sim’r 236 Hargreaves Street
  • Vahland’s Bistro Bendigo TAFE, Hargreaves Street
  • Wholefoods Kitchen 314 Lyttleton Terrace

Other deals, if you bring your own clean reusable cup:

  • Brougham Arms 150 Williamson Street20c discount if you BYO cup
  • Cafe El Beso 87 View Street Get your 8th coffee free
  • Coffee Man at Lake Weeroona – $3 in your own cup
  • El Gordo Chancery Lane – they offer a discount, but we’re not sure how much
  • Ex Lion Tamer 143 Mollison Street –  they offer prepaid coffee cards at $50/$70 for 20 x regular (8oz)/large (12oz) coffees.
  • Hoo-gah (Fountain Court, Mitchell Street) offers a 10% discount
  • Sweeney’s La Trobe University – they offer a large refill for the price of a regular
  • The Coffee Box Bendigo Hospital – they only charge you for a small coffee

You can purchase NEW reusable cups from these cafes:

  • Bendigo Wholefoods 314 Lyttleton Terrace (various – bamboo, stainless steel & glass too)
  • Everbean Cafe 22 Williamson Street (BioCup 12oz (M) $9.80)
  • Get Naked Espresso Mitchell Street & View Street (Frank Green)
  • Hoo-gah Fountain Court, Mitchell Street (KeepCup) and get your first coffee free
  • Mr Grimsby 2/35 Wills Street – own brand
  • Old Green Bean 179 Lyttleton Terrace (KeepCup)
  • Percy and Percy Cnr Hargreaves & Baxter Streets (Joco)
  • Sim’r 236 Hargreaves Street (Joco)

This post from Choice and this from carsales may help with your reusable cup purchase decision making.

as well as these fabulous, locally-owned stores:

  • Gathered 79 View Street (Frank Green)
  • Hunt Gather Grow 291 Lyttleton Terrace (Kleen Kanteen)
  • Living Quarters 108 Lowndes Street (Cheeki)
  • Mad Hatters Tea Shop Bath Lane (various, including the Mighty Mug)


4oz_biocup_kraft_4BioCup (or recyclable) takeaway coffee cups are also used at the following cafes:

  • Bendigo Corner Store Cafe 305 View Street
  • Cafe Essence 53 Bull Street
  • Harvest 55 View Street
  • Spring Gully General Store 134 Spring Gully Road
  • Wholefoods Kitchen 314 Lyttleton Terrace

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