Thoughts from a Mental Health Accredited Social Worker in Bendigo…

Anxiety is worrying about the past or the future. Now, more than ever we may be noticing some struggle with anxiety. Worrying about what will come next; who will be affected? Am I doing everything I can to keep everyone safe?

Talking to clients and hearing their worries for the future, so much of it is out of their control, and I don’t have a crystal ball… It is a time when I can only listen and try and be the ear and the support that they sought me out for as their therapist.

Things I know that can help and supports that are available:


yeah, yeah; everyone bangs on about this, but it is evidence based in its usefulness.

Our brains are in overdrive preventing us from sleep, from being present with our children, from being present with ourselves. We take breathing for granted, mindfulness helps re-wire our brains to be present and acknowledge the stress we are under and not go into overdrive.

Start with a bite-size 1-2 minutes a day and work your way up to more.
My children use Smiling Mind and I use Insight Timer. Both of these are free.

Call people

Call people; friends, family. Connect in ways you never thought you would, HouseParty is huge at the moment, FaceTime  (Apple app), or make that phone call you have been meaning to make to your Aunt/Uncle/Grandparent/old friend.

Mental health supports available

  • eHeadspace for 12 – 25 year olds
  • BeyondBlue offer chat, phone and have phone numbers for other support services (click here)
  • Kids HelpLine 1800 551 800 they have support for all ages – from 5 years old, parents, schools and teachers
  • LifeLine
  • Your local triage – you can google this but here are some numbers:

Bendigo Triage – 1300 363 788
Grampians, Including Ballarat, Ararat  – 1300 661 323
Access team Geelong – 1300 094 187
Mental Health Goulburn Valley, there are a few different locations and numbers
Gippsland – 1300 363 322


  • YouTube some cosmic yoga to do with the kids
  • A lot of our local gyms, yoga and pilates studios are providing alternate exercise classes online (just when you thought you had an excuse). Check out Vitality Yoga & YogaHara.

That Mental Health Care plan you once got done, but didn’t use, use it – so many Mental Health Clinicians in your area will be offering telephone or video sessions, many of which will be bulk billed due to the current situation.

Remember we are all in this together, be kind to yourselves and to others.

‘A smile is the shortest distance between two people’ Victor Borge

Stay well, Dianne