Whether you’re from Bendigo East or Bendigo West, you need an election day sausage; that’s the best.

A sausage. At a sausage sizzle. Oh, let’s have a cake stall too hey?

Where to go to vote in the Victorian State Election on Saturday 24 November?
There are many options, but here are our picks and they have SAUSAGES (& more)!

Sausage sizzle AND cake stall + MORE

  • Eppalock Primary School (+ egg & bacon breakfast + CFA tent + playground)
  • St Monica’s Primary School (+ book stall)
  • St Peter’s Primary School
  • Violet Street Primary School

Sausage Sizzle

  • California Gully Primary School
  • Junortoun Community Action group is running a sausage sizzle at Bendigo Baptist Church
  • Kennington Primary School (+ egg & bacon breakfast)
  • Quarry Hill Primary School, then head across to to the Christmas fair at the Old Church on the Hill
  • St Terese’s Primary School, Kennington
  • South East Bendigo Anglican Church (Holy Trinity) in Keck Street is having a FREE sausage sizzle!

More here via the Democracy Sausage.
Here are all the other places you can vote in Central Victoria. Polling places are open from 8am-6pm.
Don’t know how to vote? Here’s a handy guide.

Early voting centres are at:

  • Bendigo West   284-288 High Street, Golden Square
  • Bendigo East    Unit 13a, 172-176 McIvor Road, Bendigo
A big thank you to Amanda, Hayley, Ian, Sharon, Kevin, Sheree, Emily & Sally for their suggestions and information.