Bendigo is a treasure trove full of hidden gems. Here are just some of them… we didn’t want to give away all our secrets!

Café El Beso

87 View Street, Bendigo
A quaint café hiding along View Street, with a quirky interior, paintings and books lining the walls; this café feels like a home away from home. Located in the centre of Bendigo’s arts precinct, Café El Beso provides a warm, cosy atmosphere that allows you to get away from the hustle and bustle and watch the world go by.


The Old Church on the Hill

Cnr Harkness and Russell St, Quarry Hill
A cosy space decked out with comfy chairs and couches, the welcoming atmosphere of the old church provides the perfect meeting place for old and new friends alike. Take part in a number of activities including yoga, cooking workshops, craft groups or dancing classes, or head along to check out some great local talent on live music nights.


The Harcourt Oak Forest

Located a short 30-minute drive from Bendigo, the Harcourt Oak Forest does not disappoint. Immerse yourself in the beautiful green leaves and go on an adventure underneath the tall Oaks; some that have been growing and flourishing since their plantation in 1900! Initially planted for the use of their acorns for the local tanning industry, the Oak Forest now provides a beautiful backdrop for the perfect picnic or camping trip.


Flight Bar

8 Centreway Arcade, Bendigo
“Come for the beer, stay for the chicken”.
Founded in 2016, Flight Bar is often discovered by word of mouth amongst those looking for reasonably priced, delicious food and drink. A bar surrounded by sports stores, barber shops and baby wear does not usually come to mind when considering your options to enjoy a diverse selection of craft beer, however the food, friendly staff and of course the beer, do not disappoint.


Bob Boutique

17 Williamson Street, Bendigo
Hidden away beside the Shamrock Hotel, Bob Boutique is the perfect place to go to buy cute gifts or to treat yourself with locally made products. Specialising in all things quirky, here you can find cards, stationery, clothing, jewellery and bags just to name a few. Chock-full of cute little nicnacs all created by local designers and artists, with the opportunity to have products custom made just for you, make Bob your next stop shop.

Let us know if you have any secrets to share.