Meg is an Urban Forest Consultant.
Meg looks at where the current and future gaps in tree canopy cover are. By providing the evidence base, she helps to prioritise tree and vegetation management policy and programs to maximise benefits for people, for the environment and for local economies. Meg also combines her knowledge and specialist expertise from other disciplines to provide city-wide, integrated solutions for building resilient, water sensitive and liveable cities.

What was your first job in Bendigo?

Being a mum!

Have you ever had a particularly quirky job/task in Bendigo?

Interviewing Christine Milne for the Bendigo Writers Festival 2018; not necessarily quirky, but cool.

If you could have any role in Bendigo, (and wage wasn’t taken into account) what would it be?

Running school kitchen garden and nature programs that involve caring for country principles.

What’s your favourite saying?

No worries.

Okay, time to pick some favourites…When visitors come to town, where do you take them, and why?

  • Rosalind Park – the serenity of course! And the views from the poppet head
  • Spring Gully Creek trail and tennis courts – disappearing into nature while still being in the city
  • Bendigo Art Gallery – those rich dark blue walls that make you feel snug and cosy

If you go out for a meal locally, where would you take them?

What are your favourite Bendigo buildings?

What’s your favourite Bendigo interior?

With kids: Bendigo library. Has such a good feel
Without kids: inside Masons

Where was your best customer service experience in Bendigo?

Weird, but I have to say the staff at Bob Jane T-Mart on corner of High and Don St. No-one’s been able to beat them!

What businesses do you swear by in Bendigo?

What events/activities do you think need more promoting?

Those that involve kids and nature:

Apart from the people, what’s the best thing about Bendigo?

Our beautiful natural landscapes along with our rich diverse heritage, stemming right back to traditional owners.

Your most recent discovery?

The only mature planted public tree in Bendigo that survived the practice of tree lopping (chopping off tops of trees) in the 1960’s is the ginormous Plane Tree in Rosalind Park. It’s adjacent to the driveway that runs alongside Rocks on Rosalind. Check it out.

Any Bendigo quiet achievers that we should know about?

Yes – many! People who are part of the kids and nature groups I mentioned above!

What makes you proud of Bendigo?

It packs a punch for its size – so much going on its hard to keep up.
There is something for everyone. And of course, it’s home.

Image of Meg by Amy Doak
Beautiful tree image by Joel Bramley Photography