This post was written by the lovely Issy Kerr, from Seriously Milestones. 

I’m a sweet tooth, but I’ve also noticed lately that gluten tends to give me killer heartburn, so in order to satisfy my cravings but also not feel like I’m dying, I’ve turned to my old friend the humble brownie (which are usually made without gluten).  Here’s what I’ve found…

Coffee Crema 
43 High Street, Eaglehawk

These guys have two types of brownies, one GF and one not. The GF version was a walnut brownie and came warmed up (and with super quick service), it was borderline fudge and super dense.  I had to try the non GF option too, as it was a snickers brownie, and it was well worth it! The gooeyness of the caramel from being warmed was delicious, and it was more of a typical brownie style.  I’d definitely recommend dropping in if you’re in Eaglehawk.

Old Green Bean 
179 Lyttleton Terrace, Bendigo

The GF brownie was raspberry based, came warmed up AND served with cream, so straight away it was ticking lots of boxes.  The atmosphere of OGB has been it’s strong point for years, so I love that they back it up with food and snacks that are just as good. (I’m pretty sure they do an awesome ‘blondie’ too, but I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet). 

Hustle Coffee 
137 McRae Street, Bendigo

A new little hole in the wall style coffee place with easy parking, these guys have a focus on ‘treats’ without the naughtiness.  Their sweet potato brownie is not only Gluten Free, but also sugar free, dairy free and vegan.  If you’re just getting into treats like this, you’ll notice the taste difference and the richness of the cacao, but even then it will only take you a bite to adjust. And, who can be angry at a brownie with so much goodness??? (While you’re there, try the peanut butter fudge – yum!).

3 Mitchell Street, Bendigo

Baked fresh at Hoogah, their triple choc brownie is an absolute winner. It’s GF and served warm, and not too dry but still has the classic brownie taste of not being too fudgey.  Going to have to say that I think this one is perfect!

The Bendigo Corner Store 
305 View Street, Bendigo

These brownies are baked at the corner store’s sister store in Spring Gully, and they offer a Chocolate Nutella and a Raspberry blondie.  I’m not actually sure if they’re GF (sign didn’t say and I was so hungry I didn’task), but they did come served warm with cream, which I love.  The Choc Nutella was pretty fudge like, while the blondie was much more cake like (maybe a bit too crumbly for my liking), but so good to be able to get both styles in the one place.

Indulge Fine Belgian Chocolates 
Shop 26, Fountain Court, Bendigo

This little gem was smaller in size than most, but also around half the price, so the perfect treat for when you just want something to get you through (or order two!).  As you’d expect from a store that is all about chocolate, this one packed a punch with its richness and flavours.  Like many of the other ones, being GF it was pretty fudge like, but it still rated really highly and I’d definitely go back for a second.

Do you have a favourite brownie from Bendigo? Let us know if we missed it, we’re more than happy to go and taste test.

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