Bendigo winter is on the way, bringing with it the crisp days and icy nights that we know all too well. But just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you need to stay in.

The folks at Bendigo Beer made a list of some of their favourite spots for a beer, so you can keep your thirst quenched and your body warm this winter.

Cambrian Hotel Bendigo

Cambrian HotelThe classic pubsphere makes you feel right at home at the Cambrian, but you’ll soon realise this is more than your average pub. After winning the Golden Plate Award’s Best List of Local Beers, Wines and Ciders in Regional Victoria in 2018 – the quality of their selection speaks for itself. Sit in the bar and enjoy the ever-changing beer on tap, grab something delicious from their classic pub menu with a twist or keep cosy in the beer garden thanks to their chimeneas.

Handle Bar

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you need to be stuck inside. Handle Bar is a community-owned outdoor venue hidden away behind one of Bendigo’s best coffee shops. Don’t let the cool nights fool you, this garden bar is littered with cosy corners and gas heaters, making it one of Bendigo’s most unique places to enjoy a relaxed night out with friends. From pale ales to stouts to sours, they’ve got something for everyone this winter.

The Dispensary Bar & Diner

DispensaryWarm, cosy and everything you could dream of on a cold Winter’s night. Often known for their incredible wine selection, you really should be running to The Dispensary for their insane beer list which numbers over 100. Proudly offering beers brewed in Bendigo, Victoria and across the globe, their extensive offering is our beer drinking dream. Ready to try something different? Choose your poison from the Lambics, Sours, Saison, Flanders, Gose and Fruit Beers section of the beer menu. We guarantee there will be something you haven’t tried.

Flight Bar

Sometimes the best surprises are found in the most unexpected places. Flight Bar is one such example; a bustling beer and fried chicken hot spot nestled away in Bendigo’s Centreway Arcade, quite possibly the last place you would expect to look.  Flight Bar owner Justin McPhail is one of Bendigo’s original beer pioneers, and as you would expect, the offering is a little quirky and surprising.  Home to beers such as SPA, Tropical Lager, Milkshake IPA, Gose, Shandy, Bloody Mary Pale Ale and even Gluten Free beer. Beer and fried chicken. Name a better duo. We’ll wait.

The Farmers Arms Hotel

From the outside, The Farmers Arms appears to be offering the classic pub experience with traditional pub fare, but if you look a little deeper you’ll find they stock an ever-growing list of indie beers and a hearty winter menu that will excite even the coldest of hearts. Sticking to their true community attitude, the Farmers Arms regularly host local MTB riders who are always thirsty after a spin through the nearby forest. Beer and bikes usually means a need for Australian indie beers on tap, but don’t worry – you can also bring your mates who like their usual draught choice as the team at The Farmers’ love watching someone discover better beer.

Another bonus is The Farmers’ bottle shop with a great range for those days when you just want to warm up at home. You might even want to take them up on their sneaky beer tap Growler fill!


Content kindly provided by the folks at Bendigo Beer.