Mulled wine

mulled wineWine Bank on View, 45 View Street

After a sip of her very first mulled wine, my companion “immediately felt warm from the inside out. It really reminded me of Christmas, the only thing missing was snow outside the windows.”
We asked for ours to be served in a mug, and the staff happily obliged.
Relaxing on the couch next to the open fire sipping on the sweet, warm spiced wine was the perfect way to wind down after a hard day at the office.

They also have warm apple pie cider too. Try it for us and tell us what you think.

Hot saké

Harpoon Social Club, 36 High Street

Ooh yeah, need we say more? Loving the hot saké, especially with bao or sticky rice cakes.
Zoe also has mulled wine ready for you too.
All good to sit outside too as they have toasty heaters and blankets (we tried it – it was mighty fine).

Hot toddy

The Woodhouse, 101 Williamson Street

Before we tucked into our meals*, we settled down by the open fire and sipped on Hot Toddies made with peaty Laphroaig. Niiiice.
It’s not just whiskey, lemon, cloves and water. It is sooo much more.

*Dinner was awesome.


Have any more hot drink tips for us? Drop us a line and let us know.