International Women’s Day is on Friday 8 March 2019.

It means different things to different people around the world. What does this day mean to you?
For some it’s a celebration, for others it’s a call to action to accelerate gender equality, and for many it’s an opportunity to align and promote relevant activity.

The International Women’s Day United Nations theme for 2019 is #MorePowerfulTogether; it’s a call for everyone to stand together to fight for equality for all.

How can you make a difference in Bendigo?

TALK We can chat about the issues facing women in today’s society. When women’s voices, ideas and points of view are excluded, the world loses half its power. Achieving gender equality will benefit us all, but in order to get there, we must all play our part. Through meaningful celebration and targeted action, we can all be leaders in creating a more gender inclusive world.

BE PRESENT and attend the International Women’s Day Breakfast hosted by Women’s Health Loddon MalleeTheir strategic direction is to prevent violence against women and promote an equal and just society. Here you’ll find a group of like-minded individuals who also want to band together and create change.

Let’s WORK TOGETHER to create a world where women and girls everywhere have equal rights and opportunities and where everybody can live a life free from violence and discrimination. #MorePowerfulTogether.


Women’s Health Loddon Mallee Breakfast

Cost: Free
Time: 8am to 10am
Location: 47 Myers Street, Bendigo
Please RSVP here